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Hermes handbags enterprise product strategy

The overall concept, Hermes bags
1. The core product is refers to the products can provide to the buyer the most basic utility and benefit. Consumers to buy Hermes handbag is to meet in our daily life need to take some articles for daily use, rather than to buy Hermes bag itself, the middlemen to buy Hermes handbags is to obtain profits. Love horses ladies bag if there is no core product this level also lost value of existence.
2. Tangible products is to point to the exact appearance of the bag products, core product must be turned into tangible products can be achieved, the diversity of consumption demand and bag hermes bag product differentiation is here, too.
3. Additional product refers to the consumers to buy the Hermes handbag can be obtained by the sum of the additional services and additional benefits.
2. Bag product life cycle
Bag the product life cycle refers to the Hermes bag starting from the design to put on the market and the market out through the whole period. Generally divided into five stages: development stage - suggested budgeting - growth period, mature period, decline phase a Hermes Birkin, his market life cycle in the hands of a customer might be very short, but in the hands of another may be very long, because each customer's different market resources; The same style of hermes birkin bags unsalable phenomenon may occur in the hands of a single customer; Another customer may appear ready market phenomenon, a single market and can't decide the product's life cycle, such as out of recession in the city of Hermes handbag in rural markets may become growth period.The more fashion hermes kelly bag its life cycle is shorter, its risk is higher; But the more fashion Hermes Kelly Bag will more likely be peaches for styles and thus becomes more profitable.
Three, bags product portfolio
1. In the enterprise must be clear what is profit products, which are share products, which are cash flow, if you want a plane formation plays a role of attack what is
enterprise handheld products, which is an enterprise's wingman products cover to protect the action of handheld.
2. Timely in the unified style products also should be determined according to the prevalence of the proportional relationship between them, the general can be
divided into:
(1) basic design (seller);
(2) popular style type (profits);
(3) public design (most sales);
(4) highly popular style (image).
In each of the series, each group can mix according to this method of classification.

Louis Vuitton cheap speedy white bag

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Lv bag is a symbol of status, clearly owning a lv bag is for a person with good taste the best explanation, with a lv bag is the dream of many people, the real thing is that the price of the Louis vuitton handbags , because the authentic lv bag price is very expensive, so a lot of people can't afford to consume.

the price of  Lv bag is a lot of people are very concerned about when they plan to buy, authentic Louis vuitton handbags prices according to different fabric and colour, the natural price is also different, authentic Louis vuitton bags what is the price? General authentic Louis vuitton handbags prices in the thousands to tens of thousands of yuan, because the lv bag is top of consumer goods, it means that not everyone can have their own a lv bag.

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