Louis vuitton handbags' Competition in the market of the basic strategy:Must have the advantage

Predict competitors market reaction
Is to predict when we practice the attack to him, how will respond.
Choose a total of or shy away from competitors
We can through the competition intelligence personnel on cargo through his downstream suppliers and middlemen, and fellow friends and so on to get the competitor information.
Louis vuitton handbags market competition, the basic strategy
Every enterprise in the market competition will have their own relative to occupy and weaknesses, enterprise wants to win must be based on their advantages.
1. The cost leadership strategy
It is the core content of enterprises in the guarantee and competitor product design, quality, almost through the effective way to reduce the cost of the products is lower than the industry average of the costs and gain a competitive advantage.
Such as: in the different influence effects under the precondition of simplifying process all kinds of Louis vuitton purse, all sorts of small parts such as wang "ear" and "li" as far as possible with unified standard knife mold, such as specifying strict feeding system, reduce unnecessary management personnel, strict cost accounting, and so on.
Because now almost every enterprise product development data source, developed by the design is basic same, this strategy is more important.
2. The differentiation strategy
Refers to the enterprise through the development have a unique selling point of LV handbag, for on the design characteristics are unique to win competitive advantage than its competitors. But also should pay attention to in form but also in its own uniqueness, and competitors' costs.
Either make your product and others is not the same; Either will be cheaper than others, this is the key to competition.